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Originally Posted by Charla
We got halfway through the game before we figured out we could jump.

You pickpocket by crouching down (tap the left stick) and sneaking up on people, be careful though you might get busted.

I'm guessing you're not gonna be the Hero of the Wastelands when you are done.
Then I got to try to pickpocket.

Pah... I don't mess around with little things like Hero of the Wastelands, I am Savior of Mankind (German version, so I am not sure that this is the exact translation).
Just have some water ready for those thirsty guys sitting around, give some caps to these obscure churches, leave those hostages walk away with their probably worthless stuff and you have a chance to be as good as I am.

I hate the underground... I never come out where I want to.
I just got into a station, had to kill a bunch of mutants just to find out, that it is blocked.
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