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Originally Posted by ThePikeman
Yeah... took me some time to figure this out. This message VATS available at first only triggered about this face:
Now I know, it is nice to see the blood splatter in slow motion.

I still don't know how to pickpocket. I usually use the option to kill people with nice things. I probably shouldn't have killed the doctor in megaton though.

Now I am on a roll again to kill that mutant behemoth I until now neglected.
Already got my fatman loaded I stored in my house.
For all those that haven't done it yet, I have 3 words for you.

Arm. The. Bomb.

Hot damn that was a helluva boom. Kinda freaked me out after watching that fucker going off and thinking about em raining from the sky whenever "IT" happened.

*Edit, Oh and the MIRV. I got that thing, promptly saved the game and proceeded to radiate the shit out of myself. I played through twice. Once in goody goody mode. Then I went all ted bundy. People freak the fuck out when you start eating the people you just killed.
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