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KOTW is a myth!
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Originally Posted by mattomoto
yup, that is why the yamie fork is in the basement and not out in plain site of the F. I did install new H*nda seals in my stock for so I can still ride it. Going out tomorrow to roost some dirt. Maybe I can barrow Notmybike...'s idea and roost my buddies with beer That is a funny write up. Nice work on your Dakar, Notmybike...
Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy another man's unfortunate loss . It felt like a good mexican friend died.

I'm working on a new tank for my bike that is rallye inspired. It involves a new solo seat and a tank that takes the balance of the rear part of the stock seat and slightly overhangs the sides a bit. it will hold 1.6 gallons. The rear fender will be built in. Once that and my new tank panels are built which will also hold another .75 g's per side, along with a new fairing, I'll post pics. Should be ready in about a month. All Carbon/Kevlar using scrimp comstruction. Ultra light and mega strong!
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