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Originally Posted by norton73
Shaft drive is supposed to be maintainance free, just change the oil. Chains are dirty, need lube all the time, and wear out along with sprockets, and therefore more expensive.
But if I have to do spine lubes, and replace joints, it seems like the shafts are more expensive and lobor consuming to run.
The driveshaft on the GS is not a wet one. It relies on the 'lubed for life' u-joints that our Bavarian friends manufacture. Additionally, it runs at a severe angle. If you got 60k, you're one lucky SOB. I think you're clunk may also be the output shaft bearing, so you may want to take a closer look at that.

I've never got more than 10k on a set of chain and sprockets, so I figure the GS is about the same as far as $ per mile. Except I don't have to lube the shaft - it just dies on it's own when it's ready.

The rear shock is a piece of shit right from the factory. So are the fork springs.

The charging system is a joke. If you want to keep the bike, give Motoradd Elektric a call. They are right outside of Gadsden, AL and have a nice, albeit 'spensive, charging system.

The airhead GS is a nice bike, but it has it's weaknesses. You've found them. The devil you know is better than the one you don't know. Sometimes.
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