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Originally Posted by larryboy
Hiya, dude!!!

I saw some of the guys from down under posting build threads for various projects and said, what the heck.

I learned from a guy at work that 530 chain to 520 conversions are very common to get more rear wheel horsepower in the sport bike that simplifies the jackshaft issue. I can put a 520 sprocket right on the Bandit, which gives me much needed room for the idler sprocket...I just about have it figured out. I should be within a few weeks of riding it. Going over to my paint guys house in a minute...fenders are done, I can wrap up the subframe and gusseting this weekend.

Rob, I'm impressed, no matter what all happens with your project, really.

Killer stuff, man.
I didn't know you had such a talent for cobbling together and thinking out weird sht like this.

I also like the old school stuff aspect.
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