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I am heading in to have my first of two hip resurfacings done tomorrow morning. I had been told about 7 years ago that I required replacement but being a stubborn son of a bitch I decided that was not what I wanted to do at 33 years old.

As a bit of history, I have played hockey pretty much non-stop since age 7 including some pretty high levels in college. I also played football, baseball, basketball and volleyball so I have been pretty hard on the joints. I also had a crash at aage 18 where I was nailed by a truck running a red light and did cartwheels down the road. Had a knee reconstruction and then started having hip problems later on. I can't be sure that any of these thigs are the cause of the hip degeneration but I imagine that they did not help things.

I did a lot of research on the THR vs. resurface and given my age and activity level, I decided a resurface was the way to go. So right one tomorrow morning and the left one in June. Would have been beginning of May but I have some work committments to work around.

I play hockey with two guys that have had their's done. One total replacement and one resurface and they are both back playing within a year of the surgery.

Aside from riding, I want to get back to hockey, golf, Scuba diving, sleeping through the night and stuff like that.

From the looks of it, most people here have had positive results which I am glad for. Hopefully, I will be among the ranks of you soon after tomorrow.

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