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Originally Posted by jstcrashnthru
It's good to hear so many having good outcomes from your hip replacements. That's what we like to hear. Fortunately, bad outcomes from joint replacements are becoming fewer and fewer and every year.

I've said it before, don't wait. You're not doing yourself, or your hip, any favors.
Absolutely. Don't keep putting it off. I went for three years hurting/limping and then decided to have the surgery ( total hip rep.). Except for a whole week of fevers after the replacement, it was decision well made. Went back to the doc two weeks later hardly using my crutches. Could have driven myself there but didn't. Six weeks after the surgery i was back to work installing cabinets, bending/squating (slowly and carefully). I have had no problems at all except for some what less flexability.
On another note, make sure and get a full set of spinal xrays before hand. After having two knee surgerys on the same leg, i was still having pains. turned out, the pain from my hip joint (arthritis) was shooting down to my knee! The first orthopedic didn't get xrays of entire spine and hips, just my knee. I did have a 40% miniscus tear and then another 10% (???) in the knee. A chiropractor is the one who recommended the full set of xrays and then a total spinal MRI.
Oh yeah. I also started back riding after the six weeks, but no dirt/off road stuff until a few more months later.

Git er done
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