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I waited nearly 4 weeks before I started driving again (automatic). Getting in and out of the car was a chore, driving was ok. Doc had suggested that I not start driving until I felt that I was in control of the car and myself-in short, not a danger to others. Good advice. I am eight weeks out now, using a cane-I can walk but with a limp. No pain, range of motion is good. I will say that my progress has been slower than I had expected but my pt says I am right on track. I sat on my Tuono yesterday, no problem, but I don't feel that there is enough strength in my right leg yet to ride, will likely wait a few more weeks-or just ride my Honda 160! Overall I think the recovery time from a resurface is a bit longer than a replacement as the procedure is more invasive but I feel that it is worth it as my activity level after a year should be higher than with a replacement. You should discuss this with your doc beforehand as the resurface incision and muscle damage is more significant than a replacement as your femur head needs to be twisted more than 90 deg. from normal to be sized and capped.
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