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what blackflies?
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Originally Posted by AK Bear
Here is my 206.

I searched for it on the site and the photo came up. I have no idea how it came to be photographed or who Doug Robinson is. Kind of wonder what's up. Maybe some kind of plane spotting, like train spotting was like in the 50's.

Notice the length of the flaps and that the alerons are extended as well. This is part of the Robertson kit that allow it to take off at below at 40 mph and climb like a mother! The radical leading edge palys a part as well. I've really only put it through max climb once just to see what the book stats looked like in reality. Pretty fn scary/amazing. 300 ft take off in calm wind with a clilmb over a 50 foot object at 54mph, not knots, mph. Clears the 50 ft object in 589 ft. Now that's a nose up position,but absolutely stablewith a leg of right rudder pushed in. It's a real climber but it looks pretty reckless when you do it. We put a set of GAMIs in and an instrument that reads each cylender head temp and exhost gas temp so we can lean below peak. We've been consistantly runnng at 11 gallens/hour where as befor the GAMIs we used 15 and tried to be rich of peak. We have way coller engine temps and save about fifteen or twenty dollars per hour on fuel.

We can, and have, carried 4 large adults, a 100lb golden retrevier. a zodic raft and motor, all our gear and 3 ice chests filled with food and drink for 4 days. That sucker can hold a ton in the floats which are in the perfect weight and ballance place for heavy items leaving the rest for sleeping bags, dogs, gourmet food and a boat. Try putting all that in your jessies!

nofate, you have some very nice radios in that panal, but did you really pull the mixture during the runup? What's up with that? We usually just check the mags, fuel flow and cycle the prop. Pull the the rudders up clear left and right and go, of course after Hood Tower lets us go.
Thats a nice 206 you got there with the Robertson STOL.

I confirm function of the mixture control during runup by pulling it briefly until the motor just starts to die. After a long warm up taxi to my takeoff area I think it also helps to clear the plugs of any carbon buildup during extended low rpm, rich mixture operation. Taxi at 1,000 rpm unless the prop is picking up water. This proceedure is taught at the flight schools around here.
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