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It's a short cut, really
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Looks OK to me!


I know it can be difficult to tell from photos but that bike doesn't look terrible to me.

Paint on engine cases looks good. Rear suspension links are clean and look to be rust-free. No rust around spoke nipples and rims look good.

A few dings around the tank seam but mine has those too on one side. Riding (well falling over anyway) without crashbars will do this. I doesn't look like it was dropped at speed - no scrapes - just maybe a shop floor or trailside tip-over.

Close-ups may show it worse than the first photo, but based on what you showed us, I'd have bought it myself. I'm happy to hear your pretty much over your initial disappointment and are thinking about making the machine your own.


Nice bike.....very....ermmm....Black. It looks great but I'd be worried about the machinie being too hidden..... particularly in an urban environment. Hopefully drivers in the UK are more aware of bikes than the brain-dead,mobile-talking,coffee-swilling,lipstick-applying,stereo-blasting,text-messaging,morons on our roads.

I spent a few hours at the DMV trying to get my new bike registered. "The VIN doesn't work" the nice lady says. Now I have to bring the bike in so they can verify that the VIN is not 17 digits like it's "supposed" to be.

I'm trying to decide if I should be honest and let them see the bike (as they've requested) or if I should just give up on the process being fair and ride the bike with the plate from the DRZ400. Which will work as long as it doesn't involve a vehicle accident.
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