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Originally Posted by Ladder106

I'm certainly not a wheel expert, but that looks a bit scarey to me.

The whole point of the 17 is harder use, correct? Harder cornering and braking loads. Given that I would stay far away from any form of radial lacing.

It may be that the rim and hub are just not compatible. I'd take it to a wheel expert to see what can be done (redrilling rim etc). The wheel guys always seem to have a few tricks.
Yep, I realize that. I just though may be I am being too "bothered" with details - some of my mates just go ahead with mods and think later
I ditched idea of relacing stock hub and lacing back on stock Husaberg hub that wheel had originally. I found that I can easily install stock DR 300mm disk on it, and second set of wheels (stok DR with knbby tyres) already adapted to match WP Extreme forks (got them with those Berg wheels), so for quick change of wheels I will need no more than 15-30 minutes (change wheels and unbolt caliper-bolt it back with 2 spacers). I am going to drill new holes in disk holder and I am done. To my luck - Husaberg hub have 120 mm diameter of flange for brake disk and DR is 121. So it will not be even major mod.
As for wheel guys - can't trust them (paranoid?) It's no UK mechanics-wise, it is not popular business here. I even buy bolts and nuts in UK because can't get 12.9 grade here. And they charge fortunes. So it is always "tricky" workarounds for me Good that lacing it back "as was" is simple task
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