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Originally Posted by bluesman
Sorry, forgot to welcome you too!

Hey, how is situation now in Hungary with greenlaning? It's about 5 years since last time I been in your country (loved it, both city and rural) and back then it seemed to be no problem? I was there not on the bike, for work but had few collagues in Budapest and Hygienett who were bike riders, so they told me...
I guess joining EU means Hungarian hills and mountains is no-go for offroading nowadays? Your news about national cross cancellation kinda scared me
I've spent a few days in Oostende and loved it, really. Now I just had a Stella Artois, I like it too.

Situation in Hungary?...kinda...interesting(?) Greens hate bikers, bikers hate greens...of course it is not as simple. It's a fact, that lot of idiots can not behave and ride everywhere, bikers and quads. So I accept the reason why greens and other people do not like the off road. Another fact that they can not catch and punish these idiots, so they try to "punish" the others (us). Like deleting enduro races...
But don't worry, as I wrote the situation is still better here than in Western Europe, I mean on off-road side. And Transylvania is not far from us.
(Anyway, we are going to have more serious - economy - problems here than off-road - I'm afraid -, but this subject does not belong to this forum.)
Economy systems come and go but DR BIG stays!
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