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[quote=ray_rev]luggage question:

Gaspipe has alu panniers on his 750, and MegaMoto has a full luggage set-up.

Any tips on pannier frames, bags, etc?[/quote]

Kappa universal luggage, polisport handguards, custom seat from a guy in Newcastle - DP Leathers on Westgate Road. (dr base new foam and new cover). With the standard seat I could do about an hour, maybe 90 mins, now.................

17" front rim was fitted when I lived in Cyprus. Good roads ( thanks to European money) - good weather (thanks to the Gods) - good rubber (thanks to Pirelli Diablos).

I have never felt that I would loose the front end, in fact I would be using the front brake as I started to lean as I entered bends.

I know this is somewhat controversial but I had great confidence in the bike, the tyres and the roads.
But then again there are nuggets on ADV who don't use their back's a brake, learn how to use it!

Sorry, a bit off topic there. I'm off my soap box now.

The footpegs and bellypan are from

If you get the bellypan you WILL need the footpegs, the standard pegs don't fit with the bellypan. The Suzuki mounting for the rear brake will need modifying also.

Screen from


PS. I've now got bluesman's Gilera 4 pot - anyone know of a good fork brace?
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