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Originally Posted by ppe172
I'll chime in with my two cents. I pretty much agree with what Jack Rabbit said, and disagree with a couple of other suggestions. This is how I start mine.

1: Turn on gas.

2: Pull choke out all the way (I don't see why this would make it harder to turn over, it's not like opening the throttle where you get more air volume and hence more compression, it just opens a passage to allow more fuel) and if it's cold it isn't going to start without the choke.

3: Pull in decompression lever and immediately let go. You don't need to hold it open, and I wouldn't think that holding it open would be good for it for a couple of reasons. (IMHO).
You got a point about the choke, I've been wondering myself too, but it really does make it harder to turn over, you can feel it with a dead battery.
I learned it from this german page, its under bump starting.

Anyone has an idea just exactly how could a choke make it harder to turn the engine round.

Oh and your right about the deco, if the engine is in the right stroke, it's better to release the deco before starting.
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