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I've made a little bit of progress. My knee was giving me trouble last week, so I took a week off...gotta pay the bills by being able to work.

I worked on the filler for the triangles a little during the week. A bunch of parts came in during the week. What's with stuff being much smaller than what it looks like in pictures? The blinkers and tailight are tiny...the plate is bigger than the Acerbis tail section...oh well, looks cool as heck.

Matt brought over all of the painted stuff to try on the bike.

He hates all of it and took everything back to do again. He wants all of it to look like this:

He has decided that he gets progressively better every day and needs to paint all of the parts on one day to get things to match.

I've done a ton of research on how to get the idler sprocket/jack shaft to work. Basically I need to switch the Bandit CS sprocket over to a 520 which is common, then I have to go to a 50-2 industrial chain idler..machined down to 1/4" tooth width to a 520 sprocket on the wheel. I've found that the go-kart guys just hand grind the 50 sprocket to fit the 520 chain because the pitch is right for both 520/530 chain, I'm not sure a ground sprocket will work for my HP numbers without heat treating..on the plus side industrial sprockets are pretty cheap. Big work day tomorrow.
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