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Originally Posted by Lorretto
Thanks Myggan! Likewise welcome.

I'll send them an email and see what happens. If I get a response from Highland and if they have no objection, I'll post the specs in this thread.

I found settings (from memory so I'll edit when I confirm) for the front (60NM) and real axle (110NM) so it's down to the pinch bolts.

I will say the bike is very easy to work on for a non-mechanic type. Oil change start to finish took less than 30 minutes. Assembling the hand tools I thought I might need took half of that time.
I've been using these, although I don't overdo the axle as the clamps hold it together. To be honest I should use the torque wrench more than I do.

Nut, front and rear wheel spindle
14-15 kgm (100-108 ft/lbs)

Brake caliper bolts, 8x1.25mm
2.3-2.5 kgm (16.6-18.1 ft/lbs)

Brake caliper fixing bolts, 10x1.5mm
3.5-3.8 kgm (25.3-27 ft/lbs)

Standard settings, Screws and nuts, dia. 6 mm (.23")
0.8-1.2 kgm (4.5-8 ft/lbs)

Screws and nuts, dia. 8 mm (.31")
2.5-3 kgm (18-21 ft/lbs)

Screws and nuts, dia. 10 mm (.39")
4.5-5 kgm (33-37 ft/lbs)

From the Guzzi site
Moto Guzzi V11 Rosso Corsa
Highland Outback 950
Highland Motard 950 x 3

Highland for the Body and Guzzi for the Soul
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