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Originally Posted by Charla
Kawidual is interested in trading.

XPADREX as well.

I'm interested in swaping or buying used games. Anyone else? We could just keep it in this thread and post what we have and whether it's for sale, swap, or for loan.

I've actually been doing this with a co-worker, I bought a bunch or her sons used Wii games for $20 bucks each. I was excited to get a good deal on games that are still selling for $50 new and he was excited to be getting $20 to put toward a new game. Win-Win and cut out the middleman.
I'm in.. i have a bunch of PS3 games as well.. I just bought Farcry 2, and it's ok.. i just flipped a coin between that one and fallout 3 (should have got fallout).

I have:
Ghost Recon - advanced warfighter
Conflict Denied Ops
Devil May Cry 4 (bitchin game)
The Darkness
FEAR (1)
Motor Storm
Army of Two (cool co-op)
Resistance - Fall of Man (1)
Call of Duty - World at War
Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare
Call of Duty 3
Marvel - Ultimate Alliance (sux)
Assassins Creed
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