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Hey Steve,
Here's my '07 from this past season's trip to Deals Gap. I installed the WUNDERLICH tall windscreen for GS's with handguards. It's ok.....but does meet your criteria of being fer more upright. I found it was more like a barn door at blocking the wind. It did create a nice area of somewhat turbulence free air, however I found the new air currents created a slapping sound/feeling on the back of my helmet (after 2000kms you get used to leaning forward ). Also, I'm 5'11" and seem to be looking through the top 4 inches of the screen which slightly distorts my image of the road. It still gives me the willies entering some corners . Anyhow...install was easy with some minor "adjusting" of all the mounting screws. Build quality is top knotch. From what I've read, most guys go through 2-3 windscreens before finding the right one. I think I'm going to try the Ermax +15 next. If you're interested in more pics of the wunderlich, try the following;

Right now I'm looking for exhaust slip-ons that will work with the Caribou Luggage system. From what Roger has advised Staintune and 2Bros. may be the only game in town for me. Good luck with the for the centrestand.....Touratech or SW Motech (best sourced from Twisted Throttle) both make decent versions specific for the Dakar. My Touratech is going on next week!
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