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Originally Posted by Charla
Laser Rifle & run away.

I haven't gotten that rifle yet- after a bit of ant killin', I figured I had some leveling up to do.

It's aazing how much time you can spend in that place. I've spent a bunch just going back to the school to get every 50-cent burned book I can find. LOL

I'm playing this first time through as a good guy.

So far, so good. I'm glad I got this. Did I mention how?

I bought DDR Universe 3. First off, the dance pad sucks. We used to have a hard dance pad, which worked great until the dog gnawed the cord (PS2). So I figured I'd try the basic mat and game for the 360.

The mat sucks, and the songs aren't what they promise on the box- even after unlocks!

So it went back, and Falllout 3 and a used copy of Viva Pinata came home.
I guess I'll find my exercise elsewhere.
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