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Momafox can I ride?
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Should we be able to grab tag and fly to replant?

Last Sunday I was really tempted to grab furby and the tag before my trip down here to Mexico, rent a bike in Cancun, they have some cool F800GS's available and plant the tag at a Mayan ruin or something. Mexico is in North America right? But I wasn't sure about how ok it was to grab a tag and fly somwhere to plant it somewhere else. Plus it would have just died down here unless there are a bunch of ADV'ers down here on the Yucatan peninsula following this thread...doubt it. Someone would have had to take a vacation or a very long ride to grab it down here.

Anyway it will eventually have to get out of VA. We need to have more of a following of some long distance riders in here to fling this thing to all 50 states and Canada...I'm sure it will pick up this summer.
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