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I like this guy's attitude (ref. GS Resources):

Rare 2-tone Honda CM400 - $6500 (Craigslist)
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Date: 2009-03-12, 2:59PM PDT

Beautiful Honda CM400 with rare, rare, RARE two-tone components. Not too many just like this one, in fact you could call it one of a kind! Sure, it's old, and sure, it has high mileage, but I'm telling you, it's easily worth as much or more than a low-mileage bike 15 or 20 years newer! Why? Take a gander at that RARE two tone format again. And this one was parked for like, 20 years, so you don't even COUNT those years into it's age!

Honda only built a couple like this one in the factory at 4:50pm on a Friday when everybody just wanted to go home and they just mixed and matched whatever parts they had in the bin! My gain is your loss! For goodness sake, don't wait! At this price, I might just buy this one from me myself!

GET REAL! If people are actually buying these ancient bikes from you at these crazy prices, PLEASE, come and work for me and sell MY old crap for a huge profit! I'm begging you!
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