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Originally Posted by Dismount
I don't know about where the alien gun is off the top of my head, the gatling laser is nice though. It's floating in a pool in the deathclaw sanctuary.

Getting That particular one out was entertaining. And no, it doesn't really help much unless you're just going for the evilest evilness you can possibly get.

The explorer perk is a good one. Or whatever it's called. Shows all the locations on the map.
It's a a tough call between the Explorer Perk and the Grim Reaper Perk since both are level 20 and your last pick.

We went with The Grim Reaper Perk last go 'round and it restores all your Hit Points when you kill an enemy in VATS. It's very nice.

If you rescue Fawkes from one of the Vaults and keep him as your sidekick he also has a Gatling Laser and kicks some major butt with it.

We are going for evilest evil this time around. I got Charon's contract by blowing up a defenceless ghoul by stuffing a frag grenade in her pocket while she was sleeping.
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