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Originally Posted by Dismount
Ahhhh but the one in the sanctuary isn't just ANY gatling laser. It's a special one.

And it's nasty. I think it's called vengance.

You did know that the created weapons get better if you find All the copies of the blueprints for them didn't you? At least I think thats the way that goes... I like the railroad spike one.
That does sound nasty. Deathclaws skeer me but maybe I'll take my new buddy Charon over there and let him kill all the Deathclaws for me.

I haven't bothered making any weapons this time but I do like the Railroad Spike gun. I didn't know about the multiple copies, but I do know the higher your repair skill the better your gun will be when you create it.

My friend is going to ask her son where he found the Alien Gun.
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