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Originally Posted by Donkey Hotey
The far easiest way to go to an 18" tire would be to just relace the wheel. Otherwise, you're getting into the brakes, etc. You can get the TKC tires in the 17/21 combo so I'm not sure why you'd bother (they're mounted in that photo of my bike). Or do you have some other reason?
My reason is just that an 18 rear and all that goes with it, is what I've become accustomed to in a dualsport bike. I'm not even sure if I would want to swap it and have to worry about finding the proper size sprockets or whether or not the speedo would read correctly. I was just wondering if it would fit, as I was planning on getting some new hoops and spokes, anyway.
Mine have more dents than I like.

Oh yeah, my other reason would be that I want my rear tire to be one inch taller than DonkeyHotey's... hahah -kidding
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