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I agree. TT stuff is way overprices considering the setup they have to mass produce items. The countershaft sprocket cover I've got is a classic example. Low quality ali and not even welded (well, it looks awefully weird for a tig weld. I reckon it's epoxied on.). They count on the average BMW owner being useless in the garage but awesome with the credit card IMHO.

Originally Posted by underwaterguru
tmotten, I would say you are mod happy but it looks like you get out and ride the thing. Thanks for the post, I will have to look into some of the things you have done.
It was so many that I got completely sick of working on it all the time. Now that I bought a DRZ I'm just buying the stuff. Helps that the stuff for the DRZ is well designed and good quality though.
Riding across Asia and Europe on a 20 year old XT Tenere gives you heaps of thoughts of 'neccesary' comfort and maintenance mods.

Originally Posted by RyLaN
speeking of the mods you have done... can you post some pics of the "must have mods" please? Or could you explain in detail ?

It's all on the blog sort of categorised, but when you need some more feedback let me know.

Main issues are protection and mitigating known faults. Fork seals go due to pitting of the chrome on the stanchions. I've never riden without the neoprene ones and no fork issues at all.

The side crash bars are a mix between TT's and SW's.

Hand guards are a no brainer, along with the Renthal. The stock 6mm bolt just doesn't cut it. So re-wiring the heated grips becomes neccesary.

For me the bash plate extension is a must. Mostly because I use the drain valve but also because I've had a lot of rock hit the crap out of it. Make some, don't buy TT's.

Couldn't find a better crash bar for the engine than the BMW one. You do loose clearance, but nowhere near as much as from the SW centre stand.

If you ride dirt and gravel roads, the foam between the radiator and the centre frame is a must. Rock do fit in there carving out your radiator. While you are there you might as well bolt on some chicken wire fencing.

NB's crap flap is awesome. Pitting of shock shafts is as much of an issue as pitting on the stanchions. Mine is still clean as. It won't stop volcanic ash/dust though, but nothing really does.

Instead of waisting your money on TT's chain guards, just cut the possum scraper off. The plastic one is fine. Doesn't move as much as trail bike ones. I'd keep the speedo sensor guard as well.

Definately go with the unifilter. Their oil is the thickest I've seen as well.

It needs a suspension upgrade. Riding with a lot of luggage always does though. Really like the emulators. Makes an amazing difference.

Other than that I'd recommend adding lubing SHB and suspension/ swingarm bearings to your schedule. No notches in the SHB in 18000km on the stock bearings.
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