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Originally Posted by averagejoe
Whats involved with fitting the GSXR exhaust? I want it to be quite. I have a clapped out Supertrapp with 4 discs and its too loud.
First, you'll need an exhaust flange like the one pictured below. I might be able to get you one from a guy over on the ThumperTalk forum - will PM you when I know.

The flange will need to be welded to the new connector pipe you will need to have fabbed to connect your stock exhaust header where it terminates to the GSXR can. The new connector pipe configuration will depend on how you want to mount the new can - you can see two mounting examples in my post above. Jim Rowley used some thinner-walled SS 15 degree angles to do his Africa Twin - Jeff had a Muffler shop make his up out of SS tubing too.

I had the link to the place Jim got his stuff from but can't seem to find it now. Anyway, a good muffler shop will probably be able to fab the pipe for you and weld the flange unless you already possess the skills to DIY. The pipe will need to be expanded on the end where it will connect to the stock header pipe so it can slip over - Jim used some type of heavy clamp that he said could be found at good motorcycle parts stores.

I'm leaning towards mounting mine horizontally in about the same location as the stock muffler but haven't tried fitting it yet so am unsure if that'll work as to clearance issues. The way the can is mounted on Jeff's old TA in the pic above looks good and makes it easier putting the connector pipe together as the angle where the pipe connects to the can would not be as severe vs my horizontal mounting idea. The possibility exists that the stock hanger mount on the GSXR can may need to be modified or extended to be able to hang the can where preferred but it's just aluminum so shouldn't be a big deal for a good welder.
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