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Hi Curvesurfer,

Good questions.

Re: Jackets -

The original counterpart for the Angel was the Devil, but it was released in '06 and has been phased out. There are 2 jackets, one new (Dragon) and one an '06 model (Lab) which fall into the range and style you are looking.

REV'IT! just came out with the REVIT Dragon Jacket which is the 4-season, restyled, but economical option. It is slated to go head to head with the Olympia AST and comes in a Hi-Vis Yellow color option. It has a removable wind / waterproof Hydratex liner and a removable thermal liner. The breathable wind / water liner is styled to be worn as a windbreaker on its own. The price is $299.99, which is designed for the serious rider who doesn't need all of the bells and whistles of the Cayenne Pro. It is a hip length jacket.

Here is a link HI-RES REVIT Dragon Pictures on our Flickr.

The other option is the REVIT Lab Jacket. This is also a 4- season option with dual removable liners (thermal and waterproof). The Lab came out in 2006 and there are only a few sizes and colors left, that is the only reason it is on closeout. I actually have one, the reason I bought it, aside form needing a 4-season coat, is the fit and style. It is a textile with a fit like a leather, very slim and proceeds well below the waist. The cost of the Lab is $229.99. Size availability may be spotty, but if you find your size it is a steal.

The other REV'IT! textile options are either, differently styled, mesh composite or significantly more expensive.

Re: Gloves -

The "non-winter Tempest" option would be the Zenith H20 Glove. It has a thinner fleece liner and is completely waterproof and breathable via the Hydratex liner. It is meant for warmer 3-season riding. Obviously in the dead of summer somthing like the REVIT Monster in perfed leather would be your best bet. I am not a fan of mesh gloves and I find the perf leather does a great job ventilating and protecting. I have had the same pair of Monsters for a few seasons, and I low-sided in them last year and they did their job with only minimal wear.

Re: Liners-

The separately sold liners is a tough one. The cut of the REV'IT coats are many times different from one another and their goal is always to have gear layers fit snugly and seamlessly with one another. Hence the inclusion of liner systems on many jackets.

The new REVIT Turbine Jacket does not come with a liner and many folks are opting to pick up a REVIT Digital or REVIT Omega base layer to get more than just summer riding out of the Turbine.

As garment technology gets better, I don't doubt that you will start to see more sandwich liners and intergrated liner systems to eliminate liner system "complexities" moving forward.

Re: Heated Liners -

We should have Gerbing's in the next few months. For now we have heated gear from FirstGear and Tour Master. They are put together in an unincumbering style which should work with many other brands.

Let me know what else I could (further) expand on ;-)

I am always happy to answer good questions such as these.


Originally Posted by Curvesurfer
What's the closest thing to a mens' version of the Angel jacket? My SO has the latter, and I love the styling and materials.

I don't need acres of mesh, nor the bulk/overkill of the Cayenne.

While we're at it, is there a "non-winter" version that matches the style of the Tempest?

Finally, i'd prefer the various liners to be sold separately. I have more liners than I can count (including 2 from an Ignition) and prefer electric liners when it gets cold.
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