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Where is the display in Virginia?

Originally Posted by teizms
The point is well taken and reasonable.

Here is how we are looking at things.

The 10% is to cover a lot of bases. First, when we charge you for a suit, we incur a fee. When we refund the charges, we incur another fee. Those two added up with other misc costs of selling the product and returning it costs us approx 10%. So all were are doing is charging what it costs us to take a return item.

Similar suits cost significantly more. We have to make sure our quality is equal to theirs and yet sell it for a much cheaper price. A company can afford to digest various costs when its marking up products that signficantly. For example, if i charge you $700+ for a suit, i dont mind first sending you a trial size and then paying for you to return that and ship out the size you would like based on the trial. Our goal is to provide you a great product at an amazing price. We can increase the price 10% and then say, no restocking fee, is that a better alternative?

You point is valid, but the flip side of the coin is this. Look at the stuff we include for free (for those who decide to keep the suit): Kneesliders, thermal liner, back armor, shin armor etc.

Now regarding buying the suit without taking a look first. We are trying to put our product in stores. This takes times. We currenty have displays in two stores (one in VA, one in CA).

I hope this addresses your concerns. I do undertand your point, I hope you understand mine too :)

I'd like to check out a suit.

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