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Wireing: Yes, maybe it will be destroyed. In this case let this be my largest trouble! :)

Exhaust: I'm very price sensitive (remember: I'm from Hungary!) This work cost only 20$ (but the deep/agressive sound is priceless! :) ) while the aftermarket slip-on prices are in the sky!

Originally Posted by notmybikemodelname
Once decent dump in gravel or any kind of aggressive dirt and those wires are toast. Also, if you ride at any kind of speed, when you crash or lay the bike down (and we all do) your handguards are going to spin at the connection point on the endof the bar and the wires will be ripped. But enjoy it while it lasts.

Also, nice mechanical drawings. But I don't get it, that's a lot of work just to get a tiny amount of stirage space and keep the cat con? JUst deep the whole thing in the trash and install a good aftermarkerrt pipe. You'll lose 13 lbs, gain HP, it sounds better and then you can put some real storage on the right side..........if you feel you need to add somethng there.

Sorry for being a downer, just my thoughts., whatever that's worth.
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