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Originally Posted by HairBear
I had to go buy it for my PC lastnight & my son is happy because I didn't kick him off the PS3 to play COD:WAW. I managed to make it out of the vault, but I'm carrying so much crap I can barely move . My mom always taught me, "It's better to have it & not need it than need it & not have it." So I hope those dozen jumpsuits & that coffee pot come in handy!

If you have multiple weapons, you can "repair" some to reduce what you're carrying.

Everything can be sold- so when in doubt, load up- but keep an eye on "value".

There are a load of burned books, etc.- when I'm in between, I'll grab a bunch to sell if nothing else is available.

Also- what seems like "junk" might be valuable later as you build weapons.
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