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Originally Posted by HairBear
I had to go buy it for my PC lastnight & my son is happy because I didn't kick him off the PS3 to play COD:WAW. I managed to make it out of the vault, but I'm carrying so much crap I can barely move . My mom always taught me, "It's better to have it & not need it than need it & not have it." So I hope those dozen jumpsuits & that coffee pot come in handy!

Just dump enough of that crap at the entrance to the vault (where it's easy to find) so that you are unencumbered. You can fast travel back and pick it up later.

I will drop an item, see how I move. I do that until I can move fast again.

Originally Posted by XPADREX

Also- what seems like "junk" might be valuable later as you build weapons.

A pressure cooker? Why the hell would I want a pressure cooker?
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