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Originally Posted by Bigem
Fit up a nice after-market muffler and ebay another one and turn it into a tool canister like the Microns on my Dakar. $300 all up, lost weight, sounded better, went heaps better and no cat to poison.

They are definitely nice looking pipes. I noticed them on your earlier pictures. Unfortunately Iíll have to get 2 of everything. Down side of his and hers bikes. So I have the same problem as Kovrob.
Plus, what is easier than drilling out the end cap hole and closing off the connection pipe. IF itís as simple as that. If itís not, Iíll have to decide whether of not to go the whole hog or to reinstate it.

Couldnít really care less about the cat. Itís the can Iím after. I realise in litres itís not a big amount, but I should be able to fit all tools and spares for a big trip in 2 of them. That would make my life a lot easier. Keeping in mind I donít have these to go hard on, but travel on.

Kovrob, cheers for the heads up on the right hand side can. Presumably itís only spot welded. Iíve got welding equipment but only a cheap Arc welder. My mate has a fabrication company so I could hit him up for some help if I get stuck. I could always get him to weld me up a pipe to fit the original end cap on. Should have a go on my own first off course.
Not sure on the clogging. I know that people have donít a fair few thousand kís on leaded fuel with the can in. Which makes me think it wonít clog. The lead will brake down the chemical coating on the mesh or whatever you call what they build a cat out of.

I didnít like that idea about the heated wires either. Hence why I just re-wound the heated wire the other way and let if come out the way all the aftermarket guess have it.
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