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For Christ's sake, do some reading - 195 posts and a company website available, you should be able to answer ALL of these questions.

Originally Posted by Stupenal
I am extremely interested in this suit as I currently commute every day (50 miles round trip) in Los Angeles traffic.

Couple of questions to either those who have this suit, or to TeizMS directly:

How does this suit compare to the Fieldsheer Highland? The Highland has around the same price point ($300 msrp...can be found for $200 online) and has a similar on off (I looked at the video). The Highland also includes a liner, full CE armor in back/shoulders/elbows/hips,knees, and also has an array of pockets (albeit no map pocket). The reason I ask is because I've been using the Highland for the past year and a half...and...I'm ready for a change. However, similar to others, I'm a bit weary of purchasing something that I'd hope to use everyday for the next few years from a company that just started.

Several things I've noticed based on the website/video/responses:

1. The full length zipper on the teiz suit does not appear to be "fluid" in that it looks like it was getting caught up and snagged as they were zipping it up. My fieldsheer highland I can take on and off easily in under a minute, usually it's down to around 30-40 seconds. Important to me because I get to do the song and dance at least twice a day.

2. The "cut" of the suit. I know that you can adjust the waist via the straps in the torso area, but that is also a "feature" of my Highland suit. I'd like to consider myself an athletic guy, but the Highland suit makes me look like a fat slob. There's no V sort of shape to the upper body, and balloons outwards at the hips, and as much as I know it doesn't matter, I'd rather have a suit that looks good in addition to the protection capabilities. How is the cut on the teizMS suit? Does it somewhat slim down around the waist area?

3. Waterproofness - yes I know you've discussed this extensively in this thread, but I wanted to add my experience with my Highland suit. It too also has a velcro covering of the main full zipper, but it pretty much does NOTHING to keeping water out. In Los Angeles, it rarely rains, and when it does, I'm sure it is nothing compared to other parts of the US (Especially the pac northwest). However, in the two "downpours" I've ridden in, the entire length of the zipper got me soaking wet. Soaking wet within about 15 minutes of riding in the rain. I know you don't want to claim anything as each situation will differ, but in your opinion, would the teizMS suit be able to handle these minor rain conditions?

4. Bottom leg closures - I couldn't really see from either the video or pictures, but how does the leg close at the bottom? How far does the zipper run down to the bottom? Again, the fieldsheer highland fails in this regard as there is a full 6-8 inches at the bottom of both legs where the zippers end. There are 2 pieces of velcro straps that "enclose" the bottom portion, I assume to give the rider flexibility for the boots they have. However, I've always been a little concerned as these flaps come easily undone, and in my mind, could potentially cause the leg to slide up in the event of a crash. Also, in terms of keeping water out...2 straps at the bottom to hold together 8 inches of material....really doesn't work.

Whew. I constructed these questions in hopes that other readers will gain 2 things: The first, a better understanding of the suit you are offering, and second, a better understanding of the current suit I own (Fieldsheer Highland) and the drawbacks I've noticed in my 1.5 years of daily commuting.

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