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Originally Posted by Oilhed
Well, thats the problem. You should have done a complete tear down/rebuild on the GS also. If you did it would it would be more reliable than the Norton.

Yeah, but the Norton only cost me $300, and I put about $1200 in it (not counting my labor) to get it on the road.
The GS cost me $4000, and I'm looking at putting close to a grand in it in the next couple of weeks, not counting the money I already spent this summer on it.

Oh, and some Lexus driving POS too busy talking on his cell phone to stop at a STOP sign hit me on the Norton a couple of years ago. His Insurance company paid me $4K for the Norton and let me keep it. I put it back on the road for less than $300, so I think the Norton doesn't owe me any thing.

And unlike Team Dennis, I've taken many trips on the Norton, last year it was 2500 miles in 10 days from MD to Mid-Ohio, to Ontario, through New England and home(I was living in MD then). And that's just one of many in the 15 years I've had it.
Although the GS and the K-bike have been my commuters for my 70 mile daily round trip, I feel I need to look the Norton over after every long ride.
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