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[quote=tcourdin]Retire? Whats that!

I bet they can get those bushings in a couple of days. Are you enjoying working on the forks? Have you serviced forks before? I used to be anal and change my fork fluid about every 5 races back in the day, I dont miss that at all. The newer twin chamber forks just made it a longer task to service them as well. I miss the plain old forks on my trusty 96 CR250, and I thought they worked great!

Well I think I got the hard part done. Getting them apart. This is my first time. I feel like Madonna. The bushings are due in Wednesday. Thanks for the tip figure I could put some fluid on the inside of the seals and slide them down pretty easily but will rub up the tube if necessary. Thank goodness some dude on here did a rebuild thread and showed how to make a home made tool for the damper rod.

Looking forward to riding again. Have fun hitting Oark Monday Doc.
You bastard.
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