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Originally Posted by Dr Jim
An update on this rig:
A 2006 Suzuki DL-1000 'Strom with Ural sidecar - I talked to Jay Giese of Dauntless tonight, and he confirmed that the mounts, subframe, Ural sidecar, hydraulic sidecar disc brake, and the 'Leading Legs' trail modification came from Dauntless, but the outfit was rigged by a "Company in Florida who seemed to know what they were doing."

The rig was traded in on a new car, apparently something unfortunate happened to the owner and they could not ride the rig - Jay says: "The car and components cost way more than the lot's asking price which was around $8,000"

I think that this is a heck of a deal for someone who wants to do some long-distance travel over mixed roads on a well-sorted out sidecar outfit.


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