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Originally Posted by Chad M
That is my understanding. I'm pretty sure the order would be like this: bark buster, insert, vibranator. The "new bolt" would likely be long enough to go through the bark buster, through the insert and then thread into the end of the vibranator. When you tighten the bolt, you are wedging the insert with vibranator, which is now suspended in your bar.

At least that's how I imagine it working.

Triple threat - the only way you're going to know is to open up the end of your bar. I'd guess most of the alu bars are around 14mm ID, it does look small, but obviously they've taken this into account.
That's right, we supply the long 90mm stainless bolt for the Acerbis applications and also the 70mm for the Cycra, Enduro, etc. The Vibranator bolts to the end of the longer bolt.
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