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Question ? Any One Swapped out the Stator

No quite sure what's going on or how badly I screwed up.

My shiney new Braillee battery quit two weeks ago and just got it swapped out for a replacement. The replacement battery with less than 10km on it just ran out of juice on the way home. Lucky for me it was only 1 km to go. Note to self, it is much easier to push a 400 lb bike glad it wasn't the KTM.

Anyway, I had a bad feeling two weeks ago that it might be the stator but fiigured it had to be a bad battery. Even so, I started the wheels moving to order a stator from Highland but with so few bikes in the US they have to figure a few things out on the shipping. So it could be a while on the stator.

I'm the first to admit I'm not much of a wrench so be gentle. My question is, if I had an otherwise healthy battery wouldn't it carry enough punch to keep the ECU and fuel pump going for a decent amount of time even if the stator was bad. I had cut the lights off as I recognized the poor running from the first time the battery quit. Second question did I screw anything up. I pretty much had to keep the throttle pinned and modulate the clutch in city traffic, probably only 4 to 5 km. Funny thing the tach didn't register which I assume takes almost no power. Lots of gurgles and pops from the pipes. After I finished pushing it home I noticed flames coming out of the back of the cans. This is after I had been pushing for ten or fifteen minutes or so.

So am I screwed? Is there any how to anywhere on checking out if the stator has a dead short or what's involved in how to remove and replace the stator. Like I say I'm not a wrench but I'll give most anything a try as there ain't another Highland around DC that is for sure.
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