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Question that darn key

So my new to me XL had a few issues, some of them minor, still have to check the valves which will be done on sunday (my garage is the back yard). My main issue right now is that when I turn the key all the way to on, none of the dash lights go on unless i jiggle the key somewhere between on and off, sometimes leaving it as is does nothing, but the other day I had the bike warming up and the horn didn't want to go off until I jiggled the key around. Would I have to replace the ignition and lock or is there something else that could fix it? I have to take the bike in for inspection when my papers come in the mail and I don't want them to nitpick about that, also the whole safety thing too what with living in the city and all that jazz.

Also is there a way to add a locking gas cap to the stock tank, its in good condition so no need to go for a full aftermarket tank, but a locking cap would be good in a big city, you just can't trust these folks out there.
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