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My fixie and my cyclocross bikes are in Miami, but here in NY I have my franken-tri bike.

It started its life as a Cannondale R700. The first thing to get swapped out was the saddle - first to a Forte job with the cutout, later to a Arione Tri 2. It stayed this way, pretty much unchanged, for a long time.

Then the Cyclocross bike came in, which, in 700x23 trim, became the 'weapon of choice' even for purely road events as it just plain fit me better. As the stem and handlebar from the Cannonball were a better fit than the stock ones on the 'cross bike, they got swapped. This relegated the Cannon to wallbracket-queen status, and for the LONGEST time I thought I should sell it but never came 'round to it.

The next phase was when I decided I needed proper aerobars for my triathlonning. So I took off the handlebar and brifters, replacing them with tt-style bars, complete with bar-end brakes and shifters. Of course, this meant coupling an 8-speed derailleur with a 10-speed shifter - so the derailleur got swapped out for 10-speed hawtness, which also meant I needed to get a new cassette... which the bike shop somehow 'accidentally' put on Reynolds Attack wheels As a consequence, the brake shoes got swapped to accomodate the pads specific to the CF wheels.

While I was at it, I threw a Fizik Arione Tri 2 saddle on.

Then, the fork got damaged in shipping. And the tech who installed the replacement fork noticed the headset had become pretty gritty as a result of the exposure to Miami sand/salt, so that got replaced too.

So, in the end, the only stock components on the bike anymore are the frame, the bottom bracket, the crankset and the front derailleur. Oh, and the seatpost, which is about to get replaced in the quest for moving the saddle juuuuust a bit further forward.

And no, I haven't seen anyone else with a 105/Dura Ace mix

I'll snap pics tomorrow
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