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Originally Posted by Thriller5
hmmm i'd say:
1. aerostich Roadcrafter.
2. Vholdr helmet cam (documents all my adventures)
3. bike lift ( working on the ground is for the bird- er, rodents )
I was very close to buying the vholdr camera but opted for the AT3K because it was cheaper. Can we see some vid from that cam? Mine are up on youtube/thelama324. I am having trouble finding just the right spot to mount it. It seems like everywhere I try it just vibrates too much. The helmet was no good at all, the handlebar was ok on road but off was crap, the top tripleclamp bolt is better but needs tweeking a bit. Going to WIllow Hill in PA Sunday and will play with it somemore. It seems to me that mounting it to the frame somewhere would be optimal, being the most solid part of the bike. Any suggestions?
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