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Ohhhh yea.....was it good for you

So todays progress report was clean and re-assemble the oil pump. I dont know what I did but it works fine now. Spins freely both directions. Sweet.

So then I direct my attention to the front sprocket. I wraped some 525 chain around it and clamped it with some vice grips and drifted the nut right off there....well after I discovered that there was a locktab washer on there that I had to bend out of the way. Then it came off.

I discovered that sitting down and reading the manual is usefull. If I had read it earlier I might have noticed that I should of taken the cam gear nut off while I still had all the gears in and the crank locked up. With the cam spinning freely its kinda hard to take the nut off. But I got it. I put the gear that is next to the cam back in and stufffed a rag between the gears to lock it up. Then the nut came right off followed by the gear. Tada.

So I got the cases split and the crank it out. Now I have lots of parts to clean. I also discovered by reading the manual that I dont have to remove the tranny to split the cases. But I will anyways as there is a seal that needs replacing in there.

A few more parting shots

What is wrong with this picture????

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