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Hey, XR and XL fiends. My XR600 piston has had it. It is just so thrashed and low on compression that I really need a replacement, it won't idle without choke and has a realy hard time starting sometimes. I wore myself out to the point of exhaustion trying to start it last night. This bike is my only mode of transportation so although I can borrow other modes of transport until I get it back together, I really need this done soon.

I am quite low on money and I'd like to make it as cheap as possible. I can get the bore done by a good machinist for $40 locally, i just need a piston kit. I've dropped off my spare XR cylinder with him. I may need to sell some parts I have, but I would like to spend less than $138+shipping on a 1mm overbore XR600 piston. Anyone have anything on their garage shelves they could sell cheap or get rid of that I could just buy a set of rings and a wristpin for and call good?

mcma111 had an XL one, but that won't work since the bore and stroke are different, 75x100mm in the xl and 80x97mm in the XR. I have the XR engine in the 1983 XL frame with the XL's head, by the way.

I'll post this in the xr600 thread too, and thanks again Steve in SF for the offer!
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