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Originally Posted by Gummee!
WTF do I need to put brake switches on this thing so I can make er street legal?
Look at any KTM LC4 for tips on this. The brake switches should all be the same (banjo-bolt switches as already mentioned). I also added a front brake switch on mine because I usually use the front brake and didn't want to grab a handful and get rear ended.

As for the tail light: if you order through ATK, you're going to have to order their under-fender brace (an aluminum contraption that gives some strength to the plastic). Your other choices are Acerbis or UFO tail light assemblies. I had the UFO on my first ATK. The turn signal melted on the way home. If you have a decent deflector on the Supertrap, you'll get away with it, otherwise, forget it.

Acerbis also sells a tail light, license plate mount. None of them are perfect solutions. Again, I made my own tail light mount for mine. It's far from ideal as well.
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