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Originally Posted by kobudo28

My father gave my mom one of these for their aniv. one year. We had it in the family for years and Dad has been gone for a very long time. One day about 6 years ago my mom was tight on cash and took it to a gun shop and sold it. I would have given her almost anything for it.

It broke my heart. Not so much that it was about that gun, but it was a part of my father that is now gone.

It was a beauty, not a mark on it and it shot very nice, Belgium made. Oh well, life goes on.
I had one of those for a couple of years a long time back......nice gun but I didn't like the way it ejected the spent shells out the bottom, they would often hit me in the wrist because of the way I held the gun and if I was wearing the right (or wrong) kind of long-sleeve shirt I'd have hot brass dropping down the cuff. I found myself holding it at an awkward angle when I shot it, so ultimately sold it. They are definitely an old classic, however.
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