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This product sounds great! I have a 2007 KTM 300 XCW and can't ride the bike for more than an hour before my hands are completely numb from the vibration. The bike has only 400 miles on it and is in great shape. I tried riding my first enduro (Scrubby Pine) 2 weeks ago and after an hour or so, I had to stop every 3-5 minutes to shake my hands and to regain feeling. It was very painfull and could not finish the ride. I read that filling the bars with expandable foam or caulk would help but it certainly did not. I filled the bars this past Friday with a self leveling caulk and tried to ride the Greenbriar enduro yesterday with no success. Again, 1 hour into the ride and the numbness set in. Once the hands start to go numb, I can't physically feel the clutch and throttle control. Absolutely horrible. If I don't fix the problem, then I will be forced to sell the bike for possible a 4 stroke with less vibration. I think the problem is more the higher frequency on the buzzing than actual vibration, because the bars feel ok during the initially. I have the stock KTM Neken bars with Enduro Engineering handguards. Will this product work? Please help!
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