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Originally Posted by Zombie_Stomp
This is really funny.

I asked Adam, aka Fully Geed, a long time ago what his ADV username meant, and I think I remember him saying something like, "It's an expresion used by Australian bicycle racers meaning they're really amped up about the race they're about to ride or sometning."

Now we've got an aussie who has put a quote of his in his signature line, "My frame is not filed with wood", based on the Aussie's own skewed visual interpretation of one of his photos.

I think it's hilrious!

it is at the very least recursively amusing...I now understand what was meant by 'frame filled with wood' by which waterscm meant the interior of the frame tubing itself. I thought you were referring to that space where the engine usually goes as being inside the the frame tubing is where I put the rolled up $100 bills after doing my big drug deal with the rich cocaine guy at the end of some random airport runway...just like Peter Fonda would've done...

but yeah, Geed. You aussies have some good road cycling culture, not to mention some pretty f-ing fast cyclists going through the AIS programme. I'm hoping Robbie Mac has a few more years (Stuart O'Grady for that matter, too), always like the way he squirts through the pack when the going gets dicey...

BTW: Epic Thread-Jack....uhm...Ricky Stator! What Jets you all running? Jesus How come Honda made it a 17" rear Rim???!!!
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