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Got them installed in my 2001 LC4 640 aka: the paintshaker, because it will shake the paint right off the bike. Installation was painless. Fired her in the garage and went for a quick spin around the block.

Did they get rid of the vibrations? No. Did they reduce them? Yes. My best guess is that it knocked 35-45% of the vibrations out of the handle bars. Not the miracle I was hoping for, but worth the $$.

If I was to offer a suggestion to the engineers it would be this. I feel that when used in conjunction with the Acerbis rally guards, it places the dampener to far inbound to reduce the vibes. The dampener needs to be out near the end of the bars. i.e. design and incorporate a small locking device in the end of the dampener so it moves it outward farther.

Find a solution for that and you would be getting closer.
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