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Funny you should mention that

A guy who was a low level producer on some filims (way down in the credits somewhere) was in my company in the Navy during basic electronic school down in Orlando. He bunked just across from me. Was always typing some novel or something. Joined the Navy to defer huge student loans. He was way older than most of us. I remember him talkiing about what an idiot the producer or director was that caused that crash. Something about flying too close to some explosions and debris took out the tail rotor. Main rotor cut someone's head off and a child actor was crushed under the skids. Bad deal all the way around.

Moving to L.A. to get into the motion picture helicopter pilots association was my original goal. I wanted to do stunts in helos, cars, and on bikes. But by the time I had the experience to go for it I was over the desire to live in L.A.

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I remember when Vic Morrow was cut in half while filming on the twilight Zone movie when a huey went down near him..
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