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Originally Posted by nowgrn4

I'm running a Supertrapp ISDT II quiet core(without any discs),with just the quiet core baffle.It's bolted right to a Mistral crossover.The 3" stainless universal bracket that makes for a seamless installation is not offered in the online catalog.Tell them that you want one($9) when you order the can.
The can is very mellow at low revs but makes beautiful music when you get into it.And with the supplied discs you can reduce the db's down to very low levels if you wish.
If your plugs are reading lean(tan color)now.I would recommend a PCIII/Dyno tune with any can and possible air box/Filter mods.
Historically the stock ECU's are set for pretty lean ratios to pass emissions.This can be exacerbated by exhaust/intake mods.

Nice CT!

thanks for the info.. I'll check that out.
My ECU is a Marelli factory retrofit for the Early ones with the Flat Spot between 3200 and 4000 RPM. This was done by the original owner along with the other mods.. The only thing i want to change is the muffler(to get as much of that open guzzi sound as possible).. Maybe also I will think about tubeless wheels one of these days..

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